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Called "Condiments" any aromatic substance used to enhance the taste of natural foods and prepared meals, stimulate appetite, promote digestion. The condiment is always served at the table, apart from food and its determination is left to the discretion of the guests. There are condiments salt, acids, like vinegar and sour type candy pickle, condiments such as cocoa bitter or pungent and aromatic as pepper, paprika and ginger, but also sweet condiments including sugar, no forget the sweet and sour preparations like the very Anglo-Saxon chutney (made of fruit and vegetables cooked in vinegar with sugar and spices, to a consistency of jam) and ketchup. The most common condiment is salt.

The condimentage is a practice as old as cooking itself. Originally, the condiments were used mainly for food preservation. In this respect, the oil belongs. But also the ancient "Garum" Roman (viscera and fish pieces marinated in brine with herbs), saltpeter (always used in meat) and verjuice (juice of green grapes, lemon juice or sorrel, herbs and spices) from the Middle Ages. The term "condiment", it is reserved for aromatics, with the exception of sugar added to food being prepared.