Faim d'épices in 2010

Our History

Chapter I

This history starts a day of 1983 when Philippe (a true chef) and Michel (a true salesman) , two mad fellow guys meet each other. From this point will begin a true and long friendship of 35 years.

Philippe moved to Morocco in 2000

Chef Philippe Duranton

and grabed Michel to come and to live here in 2009.

(Sorry for the haircuts guys but the pictures are from the 80’s)

Michel Paillet 80's

From Those two silly brains came the crazy idea to open a cooking class in Marrakesh.

After a brief market research, it was clear that a real opportunity was

existing for this business here.

The pair of friends decided to create a concept 100% based on the traditionnal and familian morrocan cuisine.

After a couple of month of reflexion and the arrival of Michel in 2009 to stay in Morroco the project was ready to start…….