Tips of MarrakechThe Menara Garden Pavilion in Marrakech

Marrakesh is located in the center of Morocco, about 150 kms from the ocean and on the bottom of the Atlas mountains. Its nickname is the « red city » in reference of the red color of most of the houses.

The city has been builded in the 10th century by the Almoravides and there are  (unofficialy) 1.2 million of people now living in Marrrakesh.

The surface of the city

It seems that everything about Marrakesh has been already written or filmed… So true !!! However, and nevertheless the quantity of informations, it’s pretty hard to find the good informations which can help to enjoy the city  a lot and avoid the issues and bad experiences.

We’re gonna try here to give you the maximum of informations you should need to understand how this ‘crazy’ city is working.

The Medina

The « heart » and the oldest part of the city.. the medina is, probably the most densified area on Marrakesh. The houses are builded like « dominos », touching eachother and connected by a labyrinthe of extremely narrow streets.
Derb in the Medina of Marrakech

The ``Gueliz``

Gueliz is also called “the new city”. Builded by the french, early last century, it’s now the business part of the city. Several shopping malls and many fancy restaurants are the main interest of this area.
Place du 16 Novembre in Marrakech

The Hivernage

Is the “hype” and the “cleanest” part of Marrakesh and, probably, the less “moroccan”. The most famous hotels and lounge are here. Large avenues, palms big hotels and nice houses are in the most expensice area ;).
The Pearl Hotel, Marrakech, Partner of Faim d'épices