Blog Faim d’épices: Travel through to find good tips on Marrakech, typical and easy recipes, tips from our chefs, cooking videos and good addresses from our Partners. And to surprise you a bit, we begin to tell you our adventure, born of a story of friendship.

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Transportation Policy Faim d'épices

Transportation Policy

  Faim d’épices Transportation Policy   Transportation is provided free of charge by us or one of our partners directly from your hotel (if located in the center ofMarrakech). If located outside the city, we will give you an appointment in the city center. For riads in the medina, the access conditions are difficult with large vehicles. We give an appointment by email to our customers at a location as close as possible from their riad. Concerning the package with…

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we present you some of the good addresses of Marrakech that we recommend for their quality and sense of hospitality (that is so often lacking!). Because the choice of tools is very important for a chef, even if it is a “small chef”, we present our professional partners and their products that we use every day.


– Regularly the posts you will discover the specificities and uses of spices in Morocco. Maybe lot of information about their virtues will surprise you sometimes.


– Have fun with our Stories and share our adventure by discovering some anecdotes about our beginnings or some cooking lessons left in our memories. These are often beautiful friendship stories like the one that prevailed at the birth of “Faim d’épices”

“Tips of Marrakech”

– First of all, they will give you the latest trends, events and good tips of what is happening of interest. Also they can do you some services by correcting preconceived ideas on Morocco or by avoiding you some traps while discovering the beautiful Red City!

Beginning of Faim d'épices

Our History

Our History Chapter I This history starts a day of 1983 when Philippe (a true chef) and Michel (a true salesman) , two mad fellow guys meet each other. From this point will begin a true and long friendship of 35 years. Philippe moved to Morocco in 2000 and grabed Michel to come and to…


How about the spices Part 1

Spices in Bulk According to archaeological research conducted in the Middle East, the first spice used in ancient times was the caraway. Its use dates back to 3000 BC. Historically, the existence of spices that is mentioned from Herodotus, circa 500 BC. The early Greek texts do not mention that cinnamon and its cousin the…


A bouquet of aromatics

How about the spices part 2

Some definitions Aromatic In the dictionary, an “aromatic” is a fragrant plant material, used in medicine, cooking and in perfumery. The scent of these plants comes from aromatic compounds, esters, which often contain, indeed, of the active antiseptic, digestive, stimulant or simply enjoyable. We must therefore translate this definition that herbs are plants containing essential…