Moroccan-Style Fruitcake with Apricots, Dates and Figs by Hedy Goldsmith. (All about Cardamon by Faim d'épices - Marrakech)


All about Cardamon     Cardamom likes rain, shade and altitude. It enjoys the mountains between five hundred and fifteen hundred meters in the mountains of Kerala, whose cardamom are native, and where they still exist in the wild, they form groves with large leaves.   To grow them, just…

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Gingembre. (Faim d'épices, Marrakech)


All about Ginger     All about Ginger in the kitchen, delicacies, health and beauty… Ginger is a reed-like perennial herb whose stems, fifty centimeters to one and a half meters high, are covered with scales-like leaves. The stems end in a very decorative floral stalk, the flowers resemble green…

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Cannelle moulue


  Ceylon cinnamon is taken from the bark of an evergreen tree belonging, like the camphor tree, to the laurel family. The Ceylon cinnamon is cultivated in southern India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Java, Indonesia, the West Indies, French Guiana and Brazil. Before the nineteenth century, cinnamon was taken from the…

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Curcuma épice Indienne en poudre - Faim d'épices Marrakech


  Turmeric is also called saffron of the Indies because of its coloring power, or even tussock nuts, after the name of a European marsh plant, edible rhizome.   The plant forms a very ornamental bush: the long stems, sheathed by leaves in their lower part, are adorned with foliage…

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Open garlic bulb - Faim d'épices


  Garlic is a herbaceous, bulbous and perennial plant with a large number of leaves that engulf the bottom of the stem. It measures 5 to 12 cm in height normally, with a spacing of 10 cm. The inflorescence is wrapped with a spathe in one piece falling rather quickly.…

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Ras-el-Hanout Spices (Faim d'épices Marrakesh)

Ras El Hanout

What is Ras-El-Hanout?   They are a set of ground and mixed spices that give Ras El Hanout.           Ras El Hanout is used in the preparation of Mrouzia tajine. All these spices are obviously washed, dried and ground. They are found on sale in all…

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A bouquet of aromatics

How about the spices part 2

Some definitions Aromatic In the dictionary, an “aromatic” is a fragrant plant material, used in medicine, cooking and in perfumery. The scent of these plants comes from aromatic compounds, esters, which often contain, indeed, of the active antiseptic, digestive, stimulant or simply enjoyable. We must therefore translate this definition that…

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How about the spices Part 1

Spices in Bulk According to archaeological research conducted in the Middle East, the first spice used in ancient times was the caraway. Its use dates back to 3000 BC. Historically, the existence of spices that is mentioned from Herodotus, circa 500 BC. The early Greek texts do not mention that…

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