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Lamb with prunes

This “monday” recipe is one of the most popular. Some people say that the tradition of the tajines comes from this unique combination of sweet and savery.

It can be made, as well, with beef or chicken.

Tajine of fish

The tajine of fish is an alternative of the wednesday’s menu.

Made with a white fish (like swordfish or salmon), and an amazing addition of vegetables. Sprinkled with a super flavoured and spicy marinade.

Chicken with olives

The tajine of chicken with red olives and preserved lemons takes place on wednesday and saturday. (and tuesdays for the end of the year)

The most popular of them seems to be an easy doing one but the combination of flavours is much more complex that we can imagine.

Tajine of vegetables

The tajine of vegetables is a daily option which can be choosed at any time. An amazing compilation of fresh vegetables of the season cooked with a super tasty marinade.

Beef with fresh artichokes and peas

The sunday course is a very “veggie” one. Artichoke is one of the most interesting combination of taste and texture. A long work will make you discover the heart of this vegetable and use it for a delightful moment. The mix with fresh green makes it even more attractive.

Can be made with lamb or chicken as an alternative.

Tajine of beef with pears and candied oranges

If you join us on thursday, you will figure out what our guests call an “explosion of flavours”…

Sweet, bitter, savery, and sour are combined in this unique and original creation of Faim d’Epices.

Couscous with 7 vegetables and “tfayas”

The couscous with 7 vegetables and beef is the traditional dish of the friday in Morocco. After the main prayor, people like to invite friends and family about an enormous and delicious couscous.
After three and a half hours of labour you will enjoy this amazing combination of semolina, vegs, meat (or not), spices and “Tfayas”…… (“Tfayas” is a sweet caramelized chutney with onions and raisins)


(Minimum 3 persons)

Days Main dish
Monday Tajine of Lamb with Prunes
Tuesday Tajine of Chicken with red olives
Wednesday Tajine of Fish or Chicken with red olives
Thursday Tajine of Beef, pears and candied oranges
Friday Couscous with 7 vegetables
Saturday Tajine of Chicken with red olives
Sunday Tajine of beef with peas & artichokes