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The concept
For you, who comes to Marrakech

The picture is clear….

epices soukA lot of tourists and travelers come to Morocco, especially Marrakech to visit the souks.

Drunk with the smells and colours, they abandon themselves to take home rare spices without really knowing how to choose or store  them, combine them, in short, a difficult mission to try and reproduce at home the dishes tasted during their stay !

Faim d'Epices offers cooking classes to learn how to use all these wonders and give you all the technical means in order to make, at home, a true Moroccan meal (bread, salads, sweets, main course) elaborated in the tradition of home cooking.



How  ?

Look at the weekly planning and make the choice of the menu you want to learn.

Book your Moroccan cooking classes through your accommodation, by phone or Email

         06000 48 800  / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

We pick you up at your locationin Marrakech in the morning between 9:30 and 10:00.

(See tranportation's conditions below)

We drive you to our workshop about twenty minutes from the city centre.

We welcome you with a tradition mint tea, coffee or a cool drink while waiting for your fellow students.

You start, then, learning the meal you will make by yourself under the leadership of our professional cook

We provide you with instruction on selection of spices and their history.

You then enjoy your meal on our terrace, surrounded by lemon, orange and olive trees.

You can then leisurely end your course by enjoying your coffee or one of the many varieties of mint tea, do some shopping of fresh spices and local crafts in our shop.

We give you detailed recipes of the dishes you prepared.

Then we bring you back, well-fed, to your accommodation* 
around 4:00pm.

(See tranportation's conditions below)

breaking news

Devant l'énorme succès rencontré par cette opération durant l'été, FAIM D'EPICES continue à vous proposer, en collaboration avec le Mythic Oriental Spa, une offre spéciale combinée d'une journée complète d'immersion dans la culture et la tradition marocaine.

Programme de la journée :

9h30-16h : Cours de cuisine comprenant le transport (aller et retour jusqu'au spa), les leçons, le repas, les boissons, l'atelier aux épices, les fiches techniques.

17h - 20h* : Soin complet au spa comprenant l'éveil aux senteurs, Hammam privé, Gommage au savon noir, massage.

 *Les horaires dépendent du nombre de participants (6 pers. maxi/session). CETTE OFFRE EST INDISPONIBLE AU MOIS D'AOUT 2015

 cours de cuisine 4





Tarif Standard

1 300 Dhs

spa mythic



1 080 dhs / pers

 * PRIX DU COURS DE CUISINE SEUL : 550 dhs (55€) /pers




Year 2018

550 Dirhams / Pers. (55€)


Transportation *



Spice's workshop


Technical forms

* Transportation is provided free of charge by us or one of our partners directly from your hotel (if located in the center of Marrakech). If located outside the city, we will give you an appointment in the center of Marrakech.

For riads in the medina, the access conditions are difficult with large vehicles, we give an appointment by email to our customers at a location near their riad.

Concerning the package with the spa, we drive you back from the workshop to the spa. To come back to your location after the spa, you can ask them to accomodate a taxi for you.