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Tajine de poulet (Faim d'épices cooking class in Marrakech)
Faim d'epices cooking class ©Patrick Anderson 2014


to the World of Spices

Cooking-class in Marrakesh… Who has not dreamed of starting afresh from Marrakech while taking along some of its magic ? This enchanting alchemy made of scents, flavours and traditions makes Marrakech such a special place, unmatched in the Kingdom of Morocco.
Faim d’Epices invites you to recreate this unique atmosphere and share with your family and friends the tastes of Morocco thousands of miles from the Red City.

We offer a fun way to learn to cook a real Moroccan meal (bread, salads, sweets, main course) in the finest homemade tradition.
Beyond the demonstration, you are the actors of this training. You construct your own dishes that you enjoy then in a country atmosphere just few minutes from the Medina.
Finding out the secrets of spices, teaching you practical techniques, giving you all the resources and tips to succeed your Moroccan evenings are the missions of Faim d’Epices …
Faim d’Epices achieves all this while always keeping its main goal : To have fun !…. in French and in English as well ..


Cooking class … and discovery of spices:

Follow this link and you will enter in theworld of spices. Sometimes strange, sometimes magic but always surprising. Combine tastes and healthy tips for your pleasure. You can discover all of them while visiting our cooking class in Marrakesh.

Cooking class … and friendly atmosphere:

If you enter in this gallery, you will discover plenty of happy faces coming from all over the world and who attended our cooking class in Marrakesh.

Cooking class … in a day of fun:

If you like amazing food and to be pampered try this outstanding combination between our cooking class in Marrakesh and one of the best Spa of the Medina.

Tips of Marrakech

Want to try new recipes? Want to refresh your skills after attending our cooking class in Marrakesh? Follow the chef on Youtube …

Tips to take advantage of Marrakesh, real good addresses that we recommend, information on our cooking courses, our latest news … check our blog.