Cooking Class in Marrakech


The picture is clear

A lot of tourists and travelers come to Morocco, especially Marrakech to visit the souks.

Drunk with the smells and colours, they abandon themselves to take home rare spices without really knowing how to choose or store them, combine them, in short, a difficult mission to try and reproduce at home the dishes tasted during their stay !

Faim d’Epices offers cooking classes to learn how to use all these wonders and give you all the technical means in order to make, at home, a true Moroccan meal (bread, salads, sweets, main course) elaborated in the tradition of home cooking.

How ?

Look at the weekly planning and make the choice of the menu you want to learn.

Book your Moroccan cooking classes through your accommodation, by phone or Email

+ 212 (0) 6000 48 800 /

We pick you up at your location* in Marrakech in the morning between 9:30 and 10:00.

(See tranportation’s conditions below)

We drive you to  a very local market on the way to purchase the stuffs we need for cooking. (look at the market page…..)

Then we drive to you our workshop about twenty minutes from the city centre.

We welcome you with a tradition mint tea, coffee or a cool drink while waiting for your fellow students.

You start, then, learning the meal you will make by yourself under the leadership of our professional cook Ilham.

We provide you with instruction on selection of spices and their history.

You then enjoy your meal on our terrace, surrounded by lemon, orange and olive trees.

You can then leisurely end your course by enjoying your coffee or one of the many varieties of mint tea, do some shopping of fresh spices and local crafts in our shop.

We give you detailed recipes of the dishes you prepared.

Then we bring you back, well-fed, to your accommodation* around 4:00pm.

(See tranportation’s conditions here)

Meet our Team

The word of our Chef

Ilhame Razouk

Instructor of the cooking class

I am borned in Meknès in a large family. When I turned 21 I took my luggage and joined the hospitality school of Erfoud (in the Sahara). I learned much in this difficult environment, to be strong, autonomus and independant. However, that’s probably next to my mother that I learned the more about the moroccan cuisine.

Arrived in Marrakesh in 2003 for an hotel internship and felt in love with the city. I decide to live here in 2006 and work in some of the most famous places like “Villa des orangers”, “Café de la poste”, “la Renaissance”.

I joined Faim d’Epices in 2015 and, so far, enjoy it as my favorite working experience.


Owner and entertainer

Michel is born is Paris in 1965…. Excellent year where the Beatles performed “Ticket to ride” and “Yesterday”, the Rolling Stones “Satisfaction”, “Mary Poppins” won 5 Oscars and Jim Clark the Formula 1 world Championship. But that’s also the year where the world lost Winston Churchill, Malcom X and Nat king cole….

And for all the Newyorkers born in july 1966, it’s probably because of the massive power failure of november 1965 ;).

Michel is a “pure product” of the 80’s… Fan of Star Wars and Disco Music but also Heavy Metal and “west coast” Pop Rock !!!

After a long and succesfull carreer in sales, management and consulting he decided to build a “new life” in Marrakesh as far as possible from the madness and stress of the western life.

Son of an italien mother and a french father, he’s a food lover and it was, probably, obvious to end up his life in the business of food….

“Marrakchi” since 2009 he’s father of a beautiful little girl, already very interested in the good , fresh and tasty food.

He’s trying now to be an actor of the defense of organic food, permaculture, defense of the animals and of the climate change.



Since our creation in 2009, we recruit and train women from Douar El-Afak, near our farm.

Access to jobs related to tourism is a necessity in the Marrakech region, whose economy depends mainly on this sector. However, recruitment is difficult because of the lack of competence of the population, especially women from the surrounding villages. That’s why Faim d’épices has been totally involved in this mission since its creation.



Owner and technical supervisor

Philippe is born in 1955… What happend the same year ???

Birth of Steve Jobs, Angus Young (Ac/Dc) and Bill Gates. Death of James Dean, Sir Alexander Fleming and Albert Enstein.

The first Rock’n roll songs arrived, performed by Bill Haley, Little Richard or Chuck Berry.

Signature of the Warsaw pact,
In Montgomery, USA, black seamstress Rosa Parks 
refuses to give way to a white on a bus.Philippe has
been very soon addicted to the kitchen... From the
age of 14, an apprenticeship in Burgundy.

Then a climb to Paris and 2 Parisian palaces. Follow 4 years in the corridors of the state. A must in Washington, New York and Miami

.A first business in Ibiza, followed by two other ones in the parisian suburbs. The adventure calling in the middle east From Beyrouth to Cairo, Damas to Bagdad.

Back to France with an auberge next to the Charles de Gaulle airport and, finally Morocco, earth home since 18 years now in the “red city”.

Transportation policy

* Transportation is provided free of charge by us or one of our partners directly from your hotel (if located in the center of Marrakech). If located outside the city, we will give you an appointment in the city center.

For riads in the medina, the access conditions are difficult with large vehicles, we give an appointment by email to our customers at a location as close as possible from their riad.

Concerning the package with the spa (located in the Medina), we drive you back from the workshop to the their location. To come back to your hotel after the spa, you can ask them to accomodate a taxi for you.


Days Main dish
Monday Tajine of Lamb with Prunes
Tuesday Closed (open the end of the year with the tajine of chicken)
Wednesday Tajine of Fish or Chicken with red olives
Thursday Tajine of Beef, pears and candied oranges
Friday Couscous with 7 vegetables
Saturday Tajine of Chicken with red olives
Sunday Tajine of beef with peas & artichokes